Nicolas du Mont MD Organizational, Adult, Adolescent, Child and Substance Psychiatrist, Consultant in Health User Experience (UX/UI), Code Programming for Apps, and Digital Marketing.
Nicolas du Mont MDOrganizational, Adult, Adolescent, Child and Substance Psychiatrist, Consultant in Health User Experience (UX/UI), Code Programming for Apps, and Digital Marketing.


Here you will find an overview of services offered. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us and arrange an appointment.

Both human beings and organizations are unable to be creative, to grow and be successful if they don’t have inner health and strength. In the case of organizations is what we call the structure, the culture and the spirit of an organization that could make or break the chances to succeed and to outlive changes. In any human being is the capacity to define their own personal future, to establish a path to fulfill it and the inner health to become something and someone better in life.


Every organization as well every human being is different and the goals, expectations and ways to succeed are unique.


We offer the following professional services:

Individual psychotherapy

Individual therapy must resolve personal issues that require exploring personal conflicts. You must be willing to be confronted with your own demons and to take personal charge of your own healing.

We will work together to resolve your problems. The idea is not just to tell you what to do but to discover inside you a hidden jewel of life and knowledge and principles. The discovery is both for both you and your therapist,. Together we work to find healthy ways of being.

Group Psychotherapy

To have an effective group therapy it's required that you commit to share with other group members your own personal conflicts and your personal pain as much as you honestly feel comfortable. You will open up only when you feel ready, and when you can trust your fellow members enough. In doing so, you will find then the utmost support from every member in the group, and you will be able to learn how other people may be dealing successfully with similar problems.

The concept of group therapy is present in every culture and society. You can find examples in the healing rituals of many the communities. Remember how much healing the Greeks obtained with the theatre, or the Forum for the old Romans, the church for the early Christians, the temple for the Jews, and the mosque for the Muslims. The same principles are present in the healing process created by interaction of the group members. 

Couples therapy

Two partners, no matter if they are spouses, significant others, or domestic partners, can resolve their conflicts in a safe space, where each can say freely whatever pains him or her in order to resolve the problems they both share. 

The love between two persons needs renewal, if it must survive. Sometimes the relationship cannot survive and needs to terminate with respect and hope. Sometimes a problem is an obstacle that eventually will make the loving bonds stronger. Any relationship, like anything in nature, must change and grow, to accommodate new steps in the life of the partners. 

Family Therapy

The family is the most basic group of the human race. The family is by definition the group that has a history in the past, a history in the present and it will have a history in the future. The members in a family are already there even if they haven't been born yet, or they died long time ago. The family is then our name, our inheritance, our destiny, and the hope we all share within our personal lives.

The family it's the basic unit of any community. Family therapy is very helpful with problems with children, adolescents, and in general, for the any of the members of the family. Even members that are not present because are deceased or we hope to have one day (like the children a couple is hoping to have one day in the future).

Self-support groups 

A self-support group is when a group of persons with similar conflicts, problems, experiences (good or bad, of pain or crisis) with the intention to help each other, to foster support and to learn how to have healthy lives. If you or a loved one has any issues with alcohol, drugs, or addictive behaviors (like addiction to unsafe sex, gambling, shoplifting, illegal activities), the participation in a self-support group can be the first step in your recovery, or just a safe place to find and foster hope in your future.

Self-support groups is indicated for persons suffering losses, life changes, illnesses, painful separations, problems with drugs or addictions. A self-support group can be the first step in your recovery. You must make a commitment to take this step on your own free will. No one can do it for you. Also you must always remember that Above us is Some High Power that can and will heal again our souls. This is a day-by-day process. If you happen to relapse, you have to remember that you always can recover your path again . The members in a support group are also committed to a code of privacy, of confidentiality, and whatever is spoken inside is completely private and only to be known by the other group members.

Consultation and second opinion

The second opinions for any psychiatric type of diagnosis as well any kind of treatments with medications are one way to help other caretakers' treatment when there is reasons to believe that the opinion of other practitioner can improve your medical care.

Any second opinion must always be done with the knowledge and coordination of your present caregiver. You and your caregiver must discuss it first openly about the possibility of a second opinion. You both must agree to have this type of consultation. This type of service is not to change to a new therapist, nor for any kind of legal problems with your current therapist. 

Organizational and Administrative Psychiatry

Community and administrative psychiatry with managerial experience as both in hospital and professional organization settings.

Business experience as treasurer of a non-for profit professional organization. Outreach, fundraising and community liaison experience with minority communities, and organizations.

Consultation expertise in administrative psychiatry in the following areas: executive assessment, conflict resolution, leadership and performance coaching, team and organization development, facilitation, executive education, process consulting, leadership in times of change, cross-cultural consultation.

Digital Marketing

How to effectively provide healthcare marketing, branding (both personal and institutional), both initially and ongoing, using clear measures of activation, retention of clients, prevent inefficiencies and mistakes in the advertising delivery. The goal is with concrete, verifiable digital measures of the delivery of advertising, you can be more successful and targeted. 


Mobile Code Development for Apple devices using swift language

Coding using swift to create apps for Apple iPhones, iPads, Mac computers. 


User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience design encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company or program, it's services or it's products. We are committed to meet the exact needs of the customer, high-quality experience with simplicity and elegance. 






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